Five Best Sports News Apps for Your Mobile Phone

In the age of modern technology, the things we love the most and enjoy the most have become easily reachable. When it comes to sports, the thing the majority of people enjoy the most, nowadays, there is no need to go to the field to watch and enjoy the game. You can just turn on the computer enjoy your favorite match. Nowadays, with smartphones, anything related to sports can be done via phone. Watching the game online on your phone and mobile betting have become extremely popular! The benefits of using mobile phones in sports are huge. Mobile phones save time and new information is easily reachable.

Nowadays, there are many smartphone apps related to sports news, sports betting, etc. So, how to choose which apps are the best to follow sports and sports news on your phone? In the following paragraphs, we will give you the list of the five best sports news.


TheScore is a mobile phone app, available for iOS and Android for free. It has an event calendar where you can look up the following games and matches, statistics for the following matches, the scores and other sports-related news. The reports of the games offer detailed information about the games and players. In other words, you can check out the teams and individual players. NBA, hockey, golf and many other sports are available on TheScore. The app is easy to use, so try it on.

Sofa Score

Sofa Score is another great mobile phone app. Many sports are covered in the app, from football, hockey, rugby to individual sports such as cycling and tennis. It offers detailed information on scores and results, the summary of the game, information about the players. What makes it even better is the operative system it uses, Android Wear.

Bleacher Report Live

Bleacher Report Live is an Android and iOS app for mobile phones. It is a free app, and it is an updated version of Bleacher Report. The app offers live streaming of games. You can watch a variety of sports and leagues live, from NCAA to UEFA. You can put a flag on your favorite sport or league in order to get notifications and the latest news. For now, the app is free. However, due to the growing popularity and the opportunities that offer, in the future, this may change. For now, enjoy it and use it for free.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a very popular app. It covers the most popular sports and sports news on the Internet. For example, all the main North American sports are covered by the app. And what makes the app even better is that it includes live streaming of the game for certain sports. It is a free app, and easy to use. If you are into rumors about the players, schedules, breaking news, this app is the right choice. So, try it on!


The biggest sports news apps are ESPN and ESPN+. This is an app which covers all of the biggest sports, from NBA to WNBA. It is not completely free. For example, the news, statistics, scores, and summaries are free, however, streaming service with live games and commentary need to be paid. A fee of $4.99 per month is paid if you want to have live streaming services.

There are many more apps related to sports. However, these five were the top of our list. Try them on and see if they suit you. If not, try some other free apps. Do not restrain from using the apps when it comes to sports news, because the benefits are huge and we should enjoy them.

Best Sports Games You can Play Online – And Offline

Sports games are by far some of the most played games when it comes to franchises. There are so many games regarding sports which you can play both offline and online. Online sports games are becoming more popular as people love competing and playing against other people, given the limits of AI. If you’re waiting on that friend to come online, however, you can play some games at Tropicana casino while waiting. That promotional code should come in handy.

Once they come online, however, you can play some games. Which ones, that is the better question? Here is a list of sports games you can play online, the best ones.

FIFA and PES 2018

These two usually go hand in hand, if not for their fans’ love for one another, then for their hate. They are, by far, the best football games you can play on the PC and consoles.

FIFA 2018 offers a great story mode, something that PES doesn’t have, at least in this edition. FIFA also has a very active online community that can draw you in pretty quickly. The story campaign is also great as it gives you a protagonist and something to fight for.

PES has its signature Master League and is a favorite choice for many people for local games. It can also play online but it’s much more of a local choice. The two games play differently yet that is just a minor thing.

Rocket League

Rocket League is more of a fantasy sport game, yet it is still highly addictive and great to play. Typically an online game, you get into your rocket powered cars and play football. The physics are special and restricted to this game only and it features very fast-paced action with games lasting no longer than 15 minutes, on average.

The game is available on the PC, but not just Windows, also macOS and Linux systems. You can also play it on the consoles, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is a compelling game as many systems can run it without issues.

Madden NFL Football

This is the mobile version of the game, available both on the iOS devices and the Android ones. This is one of the most popular game franchises in the world and it’s on the mobile devices. The game is really good, especially once you get to the premium features.

The game is updated very frequently and unlike gamers on the big devices, mobile users only need to buy it once and all the updates henceforth are free.

FIFA Mobile

This title also comes on both the iOS and Android devices and is similar to its big brother for the consoles and PCs. The best thing about FIFA mobile, besides the multiplayer features and all that jazz is that it comes with all the seasonal updates that come with Madden above. Once you buy the premium features, you have bought them forever. The game also plays really well and is a fun way of spending some time.

These are but a few of the many, many sports titles you can play online. These are some of the best, yet there are plenty more that fall under that category, so look them up if you need more games than these here.

Sports Betting Around the World

Sports betting is a hugely popular leisure activity for sports fans, making up around 50 percent of the global online gambling market, the fastest growing segment of the gambling industry. If you’ve ever wondered how sports betting looks like around the world, you are at the right place. In this article, we offer a brief overview of the sports betting regulations in countries with the largest sports betting markets in the world: USA, China, Japan, and the UK.


According to Statista “with about one third of the global gambling gross win, Asia is the biggest market for gambling and sports betting in particular.” Nevertheless, sports betting is illegal in most of China, with an exception of specially administered Hong Kong and Macau.

In Hong Kong, you can bet legally on horse races and football, but not online. In Macau,  the world capital of gambling, gambling laws are very liberal. Online gambling is not regulated, and it is currently allowed to place bets via foreign-based online casinos such as Sbobet, which offers a Sbobet 优惠码 (coupon code), and is one of the first online sports betting companies to enter the Asian market. Today, Sbobet is the world’s leader in the industry and was awarded as Asia’s Best Operator of the Year in 2009 and 2010.

The only legal form of sports betting in mainland China is the national China Sports Lottery. However, there are indications that things could change soon, especially because of the potentially huge profits that could boost China’s economic development.


Only several forms of sports betting are legal in Japan: horse racing, powerboat racing, bicycle racing, football and motorcycle racing. All other forms of gambling with an exception of the lottery are banned by Japan’s Criminal Code chapter 23. However, this hasn’t stopped Japan from being one of the nations that spend most on sports betting. In 2014, Japan was the top sports betting nation in the world, with a total gross win of €9,394.3 million.


All forms of sports betting are completely legal in the UK, as long as the operator has a proper licence. There are no restrictions on sports, online betting and betting in stadiums. This has been the case since 2005 when the UK significantly liberalized its gambling laws. The most popular betting markets include horse racing, greyhound racing and football.


The US could soon become the biggest sports betting market in the world. In May 2018, the US Supreme Court voted to strike down the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act that banned individual states from authorizing betting on sports. Until then, Nevada was the only state where sports betting was completely legal, but after this decision, sports betting is expected to soon become legal across the US. Delaware and New Jersey already legalized sports betting and several other states are making the steps.

In addition to these new developments, horse racing is already legal in most states and the US is one of the world leaders in betting on horses.

How Running Can Change Your Life

“Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.” (Haruki Murakami)

Running is one of the most popular and easy to practice sports. All you need to start running is a pair of comfy shoes, a T-shirt a pair of shorts. You can run almost anywhere: in a park, around your block, on a running track, or on a treadmill. If you are training for long-distance running, you will also need a small backpack for your energy drink. Installing a mobile app to track your progress is also a good idea.

Numerous benefits of running offer more than enough reasons for anyone to try it out. Running will make you feel better and look better. It will increase your optimism, strengthen your immune system, sculpt your muscles and burn your fat.

Health Benefits

You will become much healthier if you start running. Life expectancy of regular runners is three years longer than average, according to a recent study. The authors argue that even 5-10 minutes of running a day significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because running is an aerobic exercise and it consistently raises your heartbeat, which leads to a heart that can pump more oxygen throughout your body. Running will also increase your lung capacity, make your bones and knees stronger, as well as speed up your metabolism.

You will learn to take care of your body and develop healthy habits through dedicated running. Running will motivate you to keep improving and this will require a balanced diet. As you keep pushing yourself further you will find that alcohol and smoking are a barrier to success.

Mental Benefits

Running will make you feel more positive. In fact, running feels so good that you will probably get addicted. Endorphins, known colloquially as hormones of happiness, are released during running, leading to a phenomenon of “the runner’s high”. Mental benefits of running include reducing stress, improving mood, building confidence, and alleviating symptoms of depression. Also, if you are a student, running can help you with focus.

Last but not least, running can help you meet new friends, and spend some quality time with your loved ones, improving your social relations.

All in all, running will have you leave your comfort zone to do things you never imagined you could, and you will feel great about it!  

Five Essential Things You Must Do Before You Start Training Seriously

Thinking about starting athletics training? Or perhaps betting on athletics is more your thing? If the latter is true, check out, where you will find plenty of amazing promotions and a huge variety of betting options.

In this article, we give you some useful tips on how to prepare for your next training session in order to make the most of it.

  1. Set a Goal: what do you want to accomplish with your training? Do you want to compete for medals, finally complete your first marathon, or just stay fit and healthy? Too often, beginners go into their training without a real objective. Thinking about the goal and the time you will need to achieve it will help you start planning in a realistic framework. It is the first step upon which all the other decisions depend.
  2. Pick your discipline: athletics is a very diverse sport and your training plan, as well as the equipment you are going to need, will largely depend on the kind of discipline you are training for. You can choose between three general branches of athletics: running, throwing and jumping, or pick a combination of the three, such as pentathlon. Running is certainly the most popular athletic sport and most suitable for complete beginners. Here you will also have multiple choices: you can choose road running or cross country, sprint or marathon. Pick the discipline that best suits your individual preferences.
  3. Invest in good equipment: most athletic disciplines don’t require too much expensive equipment. Focus on getting a good running shoes, at they are a key piece of equipment that you will need. When looking for the right shoes for you, the most important thing on your mind should be comfort. Any irritation you feel in the store will only get worse once you hit the road. Ill-fitting shoes are the leading cause of injury. Also, consider the terrain: if you are mostly running on the road you will need different shoes than if you are running in the nature.
  4. Find a club: this is not obligatory, as you can also do your training on your own, or with your friends. However, if you are a complete beginner, or if you plan on entering professional competitions, enrolling in an athletics club is a really good idea. Your coach will help you develop good personalized training program and besides, it is much easier to train when you have someone pushing you. Another advantage is that as a registered athlete you get discounts on sport competitions across the country.
  5. Make a workout plan: a well-balanced plan is the key to training success. A progressive training program that gradually increases in intensity will take you the furthest. Make a schedule that also includes some recovery time and stick to it. You should incorporate cardio in your routine, as well as exercises for strengthening key groups of muscles: legs, arms and core.
  6. Install a training app: there is a lot of great training apps that will help you track your progress day to day. Some apps even provide step-by-step training instructions. Map My Fitness, Workout Trainer and All Day are only some of the amazing free apps you can download on your smartphone.

Getting Started

Whether you look to work up a sweat and get fit, whether you are a complete beginner or you want to turn pro, or whether you just like watching the sport and testing your predictive skills by betting online, athletics offers a huge variety of ways to have fun and enjoy sports.If you find yourself inspired by athletics, joining an athletics club near you is a great way to get started. The best way of finding a club is via official websites of one of the four national governing bodies for athletics in the UK: England Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, Welsh Athletics and Scottish Athletics. Read more

Edinburgh AC

One of the leading clubs in Scotland, history of Edinburgh AC goes a long way and they’ve had representatives at every Olympic Games since 1964. The club has produced a considerable number of successful athletes, caters for all abilities and has an excellent program for children.

Scottish Athletics Club of the year for 2016, they boast being the biggest and best club in Scotland. In 2016, they won Scottish Club Champions badges in 9 different categories. They take part in all athletic disciplines: Road Running, Track and Field, Cross Country, Trail Running, Hill Running, Adventure Racing, Duathlons, Triathlons and much more. Read more

Choose Your Club

There are hundreds of excellent athletics clubs across the UK. The best way to find the club near you is to use the search engines provided by the official websites of England Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, Welsh Athletics and Scottish Athletics.Here are some of the top ones, based on the recent successes of their athletes.

Here are some of the top ones, based on the recent successes of their athletes.Birchfield Harriers: Birchfield Harriers is the UK’s premier athletics club and has been represented at every Read more

Newham and Essex Beagles

Newham and Essex Beagles are one of the leading athletics clubs in Great Britain. They are located at Terence McMillan Stadium in the London Borough of Newham. The club was formed in 1887 as the Beaumont Harriers but became the Essex Beagles soon after and merged with Newham AC in 1985 when it moved from Barking to the Terence McMillan Stadium. This vibrant, friendly, highly diverse and inclusive club aspires to be an example of good practice for athletics clubs across the UK. The club competes in the British League and Southern League along with the National Junior League and Youth Development League for competitors under the ages of 20 and 17. Read more

Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers

Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers have recently celebrated their 125-year anniversary, after being formed in 1890. This elite level athletic club is based in Hendon, north west London and their home track is Allianz Park. It competes in many track and field events, cross country events and road relays, including the British Athletic League Premiership.

In 2016, their Junior men’s team emerged as European Champions at the European Champions Club Cup Junior Group A in Spain. They had 15 members at the European, European Youth, World Junior and Olympic Games including Daryll Neita who won a silver medal in the European Championships, with the GB&NI 4x100m relay team. In the Rio Olympics Daryll Neita won her second championship medal (bronze) in 4 weeks with the GB&NI 4x100m relay team. Read more